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Finding Motivation

Everyone has a little trouble getting going sometimes. The truth is, simply getting started can be the most difficult part of the task ahead. Whether you are looking to lose weight, sleep better, or be more productive at work, there is one thing you’ll need in each scenario - motivation. But what can you do when that get-up-and-go drive just evades you? We’ve put together some helpful tips to boost your drive, whatever your goal!

Clearly Define Your Goal

First things first, what is it you’re trying to accomplish? Write it down with parameters that will make it actionable. You’ve likely heard of SMART goals:






I want to lose weight is a goal many Americans share.

Making it into a SMART goal is the first step on the path to accomplishing it.

I want to be able to wear my favorite jeans again this fall. Okay, now we have a goal that ticks all the SMART goal boxes, so why is it still elusive to so many people? Because you can’t just simply lose the weight, but you CAN take action to achieve your goal!

Break Your SMART Goal into Smaller Actions

Create smaller, achievable actions that will help you reach the overarching goal.

I will start going to Pilates 3 times a week.

I will stop eating dessert.

I will start taking a 20-minute walk every day.

Find Your Why

Whatever your goal may be, there is a reason you want to accomplish it! Defining the purpose behind the actions you will be taking can do wonders to keep you motivated to complete each task!

I want to lose weight to have more energy to play with my kids.

I want to lose weight to boost my self-esteem.

I want to lose weight to feel healthier each day.

Okay, so now you know what you want to achieve, the reason you want to achieve it, and have defined the steps you will take to do so. All of this is motivating in itself, but sometimes, there is still a day where you wake up and just don’t feel the desire to do anything (we’ve all been there). So, then what?

Create a To-Do List

Look at this as the plan for your day. Write down everything you would like to accomplish in the very short term - just for today. This integrates your overarching goal, incorporating it with everything else you need to do on a daily basis. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get as you cross each item off is a huge help to motivate you to move onto the next task!

Now, Prioritize It

Do the most difficult task first, with smaller, simpler tasks sprinkled between the more daunting. This feels counterintuitive. It is much more pleasant to do the smaller, easier tasks right away, but often, the thought of doing a task is worse than the actual task itself. By pushing the more difficult things down your list, you will have the anticipation of them looming over you, dampening your whole day. This also ensures you have time to complete your key action items.

Reward Yourself for Jobs Well Done

Everyone likes rewards - even grown-ups! And what is more motivating than knowing there is something to look forward to after completing a big project? Just be sure to structure your reward system in a sustainable way - it isn’t realistic to buy a new pair of shoes every time you complete a project or to eat a whole package of Oreos after skipping dessert all week.

Find balance with your task to reward ratio.

Made it to all 3 Pilates classes this week? Reward yourself with a trip to your favorite juice or smoothie place!

Finish reading and responding to all your emails for the day? Reward yourself with 10 minutes of time on social media.

Change it Up

Trying something new is exciting and can be a great source of motivation. Usually take equipment Pilates classes? Try our Barre Above and TRX! Always take group classes? Schedule a duet with a friend who hasn’t been to the studio before! Find your daily walk is getting a little monotonous? Find a nearby trail or park! Tired of working from the living room? Rearrange some furniture! Sometimes all you need is a little variety to find that get-up-and-go feeling!

We hope you're feeling motivated and ready to tackle your day with these tips and tricks!

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