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Plantar Fasciitis- The Breakdown

What is plantar fasciitis? Do you have heel pain first thing in the morning? Do you have pain on the bottom of your foot or heel that is...

The Truth About Core Stability

The phrase “core stability” is one that gets thrown around A LOT by athletes, doctors, personal trainers and manual therapists. Because...

Spring to It

“How much weight is this?” If you do Pilates, you’ve probably had this question as you switch out your springs, whether you voice it to...

The Protein Trend

How much protein should we be getting? And from what sources? Let's dive deeper into the protein propaganda that's sweeping the nation.

Pilates Principles

Pilates centers around the idea of building a mind-body connection. 6 Principles outlined here are key to strengthening that relationship.

The Nature Fix

Increased energy levels, boosted mood, reduced stress, weight loss, and improved concentration. You might be reading this list right now...

Finding Motivation

Everyone has a little trouble getting going sometimes. The truth is, simply getting started can be the most difficult part of the task...

Kindness Challenge

Let’s talk wellness (our favorite!). Pilates regulars know that the mind-body connection is no joke, but there is some cold, hard science...

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