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Better Together

It’s 6:00AM and your alarm is chirping. It’s still so dark outside it could be 3AM if it wasn’t for the illuminated screen demanding you get out of bed. Coffee. Shower. Get ready for the day ahead. Groan. You haven’t exercised in a while and your body is starting to feel it. Mornings can be tough. Motivation to get your body moving can seem elusive. You need a Pilates Partner.

We all know that these difficult mornings are only improved by regular exercise (and especially Pilates)!

  • Sleep better - Which means feeling more rested when that alarm goes off!

  • Feel better - Your ability to move in all situations greatly improves, from taking out the trash to finally doing that 5k you’ve been talking about

  • Be happier - Yes! Those happy hormones that get released during exercise will improve your mood

But one thing we don’t always talk about, is how having a partner to exercise with can ensure and increase all these benefits (and more)! This could be your spouse, friend, neighbor, or anyone who shares the desire to get moving.


This is one of the biggest benefits. Those early mornings when you just don’t feel like going to the studio? Your Pilates Partner keeps you motivated to stay on track! It’s pretty difficult to say you’re skipping a workout when you have someone else waiting for you.

Quality Time

Whoever you choose to do your duet with, you’ll get to spend some real quality time. This is an especially great benefit if your spouse is on board to hit the reformer with you. Pilates can be your activity to share that feels great and in turn, strengthens your bond.

Longer & Stronger

Put it this way. You’re in class and the instructor tells you to do 10 reps. After 7 your core is burning. You might be tempted to take the 7 and get ready for the next move. Having a partner is hugely motivating to get all your reps in and try your hardest. In a duet setting, you push each other to do your best (while listening to your body, of course)! In fact, recent research backs the idea that having a workout partner increases the length and intensity of your workouts.

Sharing & Caring

In this COVID era, connections are difficult to manage and maintain. Seeing someone regularly to do Pilates will provide you with some extra emotional and social support that we all need to stay healthy.

Now it’s time to find your Pilates Partner and head over to Catalyst Rehab Studio to reap all the benefits!

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